Awards from Rounds 1 to 3

Award winners from round one were (If my memory serves me correctly):
League: 1. Daniel the duck Spry, 2. Trent squeaky Coe, =3rd Trae Phillips, Alec Cook, Brett Johnstone coach’s Callan Silvi.
Reserves: 1. Callum Johnston 2. Scott cuddles Davies 3. Bailey bails Frankhuizen Coaches Stephen brown dog Brown 
Colts: 1.Scott Read 2. Jesse Holmes 3. Steel Scopinich coach Riley Branch

Best players round 2.
League: 1. Ty Liebel 2. Harrison Ryan 3. Brett Johnstone 4. Alec Cook 5. Rhys Jones 
Reserves: 1. Josh Webster 2. Josh Welsh 3. Corey Butterfield 4. Craig O’Dowd 5. Rhett Jones 
Colts: 1. Josh Evangelellis 2. Riley Branch 3. Ben Philip 4. Tyler Macri Players award Riley Branch 

Best players round 3.
League: = 1 Trent Coe & Callum Johnston 3.Daniel Spry 4. Harrison Ryan 5. Josh Newman 
Reserves: 1. Reece Williams 2. Bailey Frankhuzien 3. Ryan Jarvis 4. Josh Welsh 5. Adam Millson 
Colts: 1. Riley Branch 2. Jordan O’Donnell 3. Ethan Womersley 4. Connor Douglas Players award Scott Read

Thanks to the sponsors, West Coast poly, Fonda Plumbing and KaPow Electrical and Refrigeration,  for their support.

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