Club Goals

On the Field       

  • To competitively play at the highest grade attainable by the teams each season.
  • Promote Fair-Play and Respect for each other, the opposition and the umpires to each and every player who represents our club.
  • Ensure that the club and players are aware and adheres to the rules, by laws and regulations of the relevant governing bodies in particular the Western Australian Amateur Football League
  • To install a sense of commitment and pride in our club through on-field behaviour from players, coaches and supporters.
  • To develop a strong bond of friendship and respect amongst players that encourages fairness and the will to remain with the club through out their playing days.

Player Development       

  • Grow the membership base by at least 10% each year.
  • Attract and develop highly skilled and qualified coaches that can continue to develop players and bring the right approach and culture that is aligned with the clubs goals.
  • Work with the Junior football clubs in the area providing coaching, mentoring and  financial support and a pathway for Junior players into Senior football
  • Provide the same level of support and encouragement to all players no matter what level of development they maybe.
  • Retain players after they have finished playing football to continue on with the club as volunteers and/or committee members.
  • Instil leadership, responsibility and respect in all players so as not only to be better players but also better members of the community. 


  • Promote the club actively to our players, social members, their families, club sponsors and members and families of the junior club.
  • Ensure the club is an attractive investment for potential sponsors, external stakeholders and relevant governing bodies.
  • Work with the City of Canning and other relevant stakeholders on the improvement and general upkeep of facilities at its home base; Clifton Park.
  • Foster the development of relationships with WAAFL, WAFC, East Fremantle District Football Development Council, stakeholders and the local community.